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Joining Golden Arrow Archery club is fast and easy.

Step 1:  Print membership application

Step 2:  Fill out the membership and submit to a current member or member of the board of directors along with membership payment

You're All Done!  Enjoy the club and straight shooting!

Membership Fee:

Full Membership - $250 per year*

* Members have the opportunity to earn a $100 credit at the end of the year by attending one-third of the work parties for the year

 Benefits of Full membership

1. Voting rights at monthly meetings

2. 24 X 7 immediate family access to the club facilities

3. Discounted rates for JOAD program participation


Associate Member - $25 per year

Membership details

1. Associate members are not granted voting rights

2. Associate members only have access to club facilities when a full member is present

3. Discounted rates for JOAD program participation

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