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Friends of Golden Arrow

USA Archery

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the National Archery Association, known today as USA Archery, was formed in 1879 to foster and promote the sport of archery.  The mission of USA Archery is to provide the necessary resources to foster strong athlete participation, competition and training in the sport of archery. Membership in USA Archery is open to everyone involved in all disciplines of archery including target, field and 3-D.

National Field Archery Association (NFAA)

The National Field Archery Association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the sport of archery and is the largest field archery organization in the World. Founded in 1939, the NFAA promotes numerous shooting styles including freestyle, freestyle limited, barebow, bowhunter freestyle, freestyle limited recurve, longbow, traditional, and crossbow. NFAA competition divisions include Cub, Youth, Young Adult, Adult, Senior, Silver Senior, Master Senior, and Professional.

Scholastic 3D Archery Association (S3DA)

The mission of the Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA) Program is to foster, educate and guide youth in the areas of indoor target, 3-D and outdoor target archery as well as safe, ethical bowhunting practices. The goal of the S3DA program is to provide archery and bowhunting opportunities for young people in after-school settings as well as with archery-affiliated clubs and businesses in the community.

American Shooters Association (ASA)

The ASA organization includes experienced archers and coaches that focus on the growth of the sport of 3-D archery by supporting local clubs and making a commitment to youth education and training, the ASA has established itself as a leading force in the movement to bring the sport to mainstream America.  In addition to the national Tour, the ASA supports more than 330 clubs that provide an excellent opportunity for everyone.

International Bowhunting Organization (IBO)

The International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) was created in 1984 by a dedicated group of bowhunters who shared the desire to ensure that bowhunting and the ideals of wildlife conservation survive, expand and flourish to be shared, enjoyed and passed on to future generations.  By its charter, the International Bowhunting Organization’s purpose is “To promote, encourage and foster the sport of bowhunting;  further bowhunter education; act as a political coordinator and liaison for the protection and advancement of bowhunting.


Pope and Young

The Pope and Young Club is one of North America's leading bowhunting and conservation organizations. 
If you are a fair chase, ethical bowhunter and you care about preserving the culture of bowhunting - you should be a member of the Pope & Young Club.

Nebraska State Archery Association

Website with information about archery clubs in the state of Nebraska as well as all archery shoots in the state of Nebraska including results

 Nebraska Game and Parks

The mission of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is stewardship of the state’s fish, wildlife, park, and outdoor recreation resources in the best long-term interests of the people and those resources.

Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids

Founded in 1989 shortly after the death of his friend and hero Fred Bear, Ted Nugent launched the non-profit Kamp to teach kids about the healing powers of nature, the natural highs and stimuli of an outdoor lifestyle and the definitive discipline of the “aim small, miss small” mystical flight of the arrow for a higher level of awareness and ultimate quality of life.


SCHEELS Omaha, Nebraska is located in the Village Pointe Shopping Center in a 177,000 square-foot shopping experience showcasing Nebraska’s largest selection of sports, fashion, footwear, and entertainment for the entire family to enjoy.

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